Pre-Cut Disposable Liners


Shipping Weight: 5 lbs


Plastic Liners Pre-Cut Plastic Sheets

Our Pre-Cut Plastic Sheets are a disposable, one-time use product providing maximum sanitation. Protect your SudaTonic™ 4 Zone Infrared Blankets and Saunette Bags for home use, with these pre-cut plastic sheets, while trapping heat and aiding detoxification.

  • Good for about 50 treatments

Why Use The Disposable Plastic Liners?

Enhances Infrared Lotion Efficacy

When specially formulated Infrared lotions, such as the La Bonne Creams are applied on the skin, the Disposable Plastic Liners will increase the heat of the lotions for greater solubility and improved product efficacy.

Maximum Heat Transfer

The plastic Disposable Plastic Liners are a strategically thin second layer of insulation between the skin and the thermal environment. The Disposable Plastic Liners allow the maximum transference and trapping of heat to the body during an infrared SudaTonic Infrared session.

Captures the Body Perspiration

A Disposable Plastic Liner captures the body’s perspiration from the skin surface when moisture condenses during infrared thermal sessions.

Protect Your Investment

Disposable Plastic Liners protect the fabric of the SudaTonic Blanket or Wrap from being damaged by repeated exposure to creams and perspiration.

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A Disposable Plastic Liner captures infrared heat and surrounding ambient dry heat inside the suit during a SudaTonic Infrared session, and increases the body’s circulatory perspiration inside the Disposable Plastic Liner. It insures a safe and more hygienic experience with less time needed for after-session cleaning. The Disposable Plastic Liners creates a strategically thin extra layer on the skin that enhances the benefits of an Infrared session or treatment, while allowing maximum exposure to the infrared heat. Infrared heat raises the body’s core temperature and stimulates perspiration. As the core body temperature rises during an Infrared session, there is an increase in skin blood circulation, skin perspiration, circulatory flushing of the skin’s sub-dermal regions, perspiration release of body toxins and fluids, calorie burn and enhanced cardio vascular work load. When wearing a Disposable Plastic Liner during an Infrared session, the body’s perspiration is captured and prevented from evaporating by the Disposable Plastic Liner. This captured perspiration increases the levels of humidity and moisture on the surface of the skin. The captured perspiration creates a highly humidified atmosphere in the thin layer of space between the SudaTonic Infrared Blanket or Wrap and the skin. The heated barrier of extra-heavy humidity thereafter makes the body harder to keep cool – so the body releases even more perspiration and flushing of the skin. The air-wicking and evaporation of perspiration normally cools the blood in the extremities, and the cooled blood is returned to the body core to cool the body down. It is estimated that the average body metabolic rate increases about 6% for each degree the body core temperature rises during an Infrared session, due to the more vigorous stimulation to maintain body cooling. When body products are applied onto the skin beneath the Disposable Plastic Liner, the suit will increase the heat of the product for greater solubility to improve product efficacy. Disposable Plastic Liners are a one-time use product providing maximum sanitation.

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Weight 5 lbs


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