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Saunetteā„¢ Far-infrared Bag for Home Use

Far-infrared treatments can now be self administered in your own home or even as your travel. Saunette Far Infrared Bag has been developed specifically for self application and can be used either lying down or sitting up. Constructed of durable carbon fibers which deliver the far infrared and encased inside the soft two layer waterproof fabric bag. Saunette is comfortable and safe with built in timer and temperature control.


  • Comfortable and accommodating to even plus size clients
  • Roomy, you won’t feel confined to one position
  • Designed with side zippers and inside pulls
  • Designed for easy home use with pre-set default temperature at 95 degrees Fahrenheit and pre-set default session time at 60 minutes.
  • Power unit with hand held controller to adjust time from zero to 90 minutes and temperature from 77 – 110 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Not heated in the breast area
  • Kept securely closed on the sides by zippers and at the feet by Velcro
  • Low voltage, absolutely safe for use in the home
  • Portable and stows conveniently

Saunetteā„¢ Far Infrared Bag Can

  • Increase vascular circulation
  • Flush out toxins and metabolic wastes
  • Relieve aches and pains
  • Promote a natural skin cleansing process
  • Optimize skin tones and texture

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Weight 13 lbs


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