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Body Fat Analyzer

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How a Body Fat Analyzer Works

Body fat scales calculate body fat by using the B.I.A., or the Bioelectric Impedance Analysis principal in which fat in the body is analyzed in seconds by means of an undetectable, completely harmless and safe electrical current. This measurement of the electrical resistance impedance allows the percentage of body fat to be measured precisely.

Muscular tissue has good electrical conductivity and thus low resistance. Fat on the other hand can be regarded as an insulation, since the fatty cells hardly conduct current at all as a result of their high resistance.

The Body Fat Analyzer will help track your progress as your body gains muscle tissue and loses stored fat.

Weighing Yourself Correctly

If possible, always weigh yourself at the same time of the day (preferably in the morning) to obtain comparable results. Remember that unnecessary clothing can add to your weight as can food and drink taken beforehand. Only the long term trend is important. Short term fluctuations in weight are generally the result of fluid loss.

If your weight drops, but your body fat percentage increases or stays the same, you have only lost water, for instance after a training or sauna session, or a diet which is based only on rapid weight loss. If your weight increases but your body fat percentage reduces or stays the same, then you have gained valuable muscle. If both your weight and body fat percentage fall at the same time, your diet is working and you are losing body weight.

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